How to make bechamel sauce easy

Béchamel sauce is part of the so-called mother sauces of gastronomy. It is the basis for preparing other sauces, and the main ingredient of many dishes.

Knowing how to make béchamel sauce is therefore very important if cooking is an important part of your life.


This sauce has 3 essential ingredients: flour, butter and milk. Then come the "dressings": nutmeg, pepper and a touch of salt. Henceforth any extra ingredient that is put is no longer part of the original recipe for making bechamel sauce, we would be talking about variations and this is where the thing gets fun.

How to use the bechamel sauce

Being a mother sauce, the bechamel is perfect to turn into a thousand different sauces with only add a couple of extra ingredients.

  • With mustard, egg yolks and wine white you can make thermidor sauce.
  • With gruyere cheese and grated Parmesan you make mornay sauce.
  • Add mushrooms and you have an amazing mushroom sauce.
  • Put blue cheese and you get a sauce of blue cheese that you die of the delicious.
  • In addition, the béchamel sauce is used for lasagnes and cannelloni stuffed with spinach like those in the photo below.
  • And if that were not enough, you can use the béchamel sauce to thicken creams (soups) and to give consistency to stews.

 cannelloni in béchamel sauce

How to make homemade béchamel sauce?

Well easy, you only need butter, flour and milk .At this moment you are going to start adding the milk that you had hot in the other pot.

  • Mix constantly until it thickens and picks up the texture of the sauce.
  • Yes you want it thicker, add more wheat flour.
  • Now simply add salt, pepper and a pinch of nutmeg to taste.
  • Ready. You can see that it is quite easy to prepare.

    Once you know how to make bechamel sauce, you can add other extra ingredients and invent your own sauces for your meals.

    Bechamel sauce for croquettes

    If you thick enough and mix with ham, sausage or shredded fish, you can prepare incredible croquettes.

    • How to make fish croquettes
    • Ham croquettes

    how to make bechamel sauce