Homemade tahini recipe

Tahini, also known as "tahina" is a sauce originally created in the Middle East that is prepared with sesame seeds.

The preparation of tahini is very simple and it is a very tasty ingredient. important for various dishes of the Middle East such as hummus or eggplant purée.

It is also commonly used as a cream to spread bread or as a sauce to accompany various recipes with meat.

How make tahini

To prepare this tahini sauce or tahini paste you will only need 4 ingredients, including water.

The main ingredient, sesame seeds, you can get toasted or unroasted, it does not matter, below I'll explain how to toast them if necessary (it's very easy).

Remember that sesame and sesame are the same.

recipe tahini
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Tahini recipe step by step

Ingredients and very easy preparation of a delicious homemade tahini paste. You will only need 4 ingredients!If you do not get the sesame already golden, there's no problem. It will be enough to pass it through an iron or a pan, or else bake it for a few minutes. The point is that you have to make sure that it is only toasted and that it does not burn or burn. That would give it a bitter taste, far from what we want to achieve.
  • With the sesame grains still hot, we will pass them by a mortar or by a kitchen robot (I prefer the mortar, because they are more easily converted into pasta).
  • We will finish turning the sesame into a paste with the help of water/oil, and add the pinch of salt.
  • We will grind and mix everything until we obtain a homogeneous paste, and voila, we have prepared our homemade tahini paste.
  • recipe tahini

    Uses of tahini

    As I said before, tahini is an important sauce that is often used as an ingredient in other recipes and Also as a companion of various dishes.

    • Tahin is one of the ingredients of hummus of chickpeas.
    • It is also important in the case of stuffed aubergines or falafel.
    • You can use it for something as simple as dip to spread pieces of pita bread.
    • As a sauce, you usually add a little lemon juice and very small chopped garlic. Then it is perfect for salads, for skewers of meat and even for doner kebabs.
    • You can also mix it with yogurt and make a delicious homemade sauce with these two ingredients as protagonists.

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