Homemade fried tomato recipe

There are many ways to make sauces with tomato, with many or few ingredients. Fried tomato sauce.

You have probably tried it in its most popular popular version: the pot they sell in supermarkets. And as you know, it is very useful for preparing many dishes.

Well, making homemade fried tomato has no difficulty, and it is always better to make it yourself than to buy it. Do you dare to learn the recipe? 🙂

How to make fried tomato

Let's prepare the original fried tomato recipe, the simplest of all. You will need perita tomatoes, which are ideal for making homemade sauces.

In addition to this, a little salt, sugar and olive oil. That's it.

homemade fried tomato

 homemade fried tomato
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Homemade fried tomato sauce

Recipe step Step by step to make homemade fried tomato using fresh tomatoes. It is the easiest to prepare tomato sauce that exists.This is very simple.
  • Make a cross cut to the tomatoes by the bottom. With a superficial cut it is enough.
  • Put the tomatoes in a pot with boiling water for 1 minute, no more.
  • Take them out of the pot and put them under the stream of cold water.
  • Now, just where you made the cut in shape From cross you will see that the skin comes off easily. Then simply peel all and get rid of that skin.
  • Chop the tomatoes into medium pieces and pass them through a crusher until they take the consistency you want.
  • Warm to fire half a pot with a stream of olive oil.
  • Toss the tomatoes, a pinch of salt and an even smaller pinch of sugar.
  • Stir well for about minutes.
  • Lower the heat and cover the pot.
  • Let the sauce cook for about 40 minutes stirring occasionally.
  • Review the salt in case you need to add more.
  • If you want a more condensed sauce, let cook a few extra minutes with the pot uncovered.
  • Turn off the heat and let your delicious sauce of fried tomatoes rest.
  • Fried tomato with onion

    It is quite common to prepare fried tomato sauce with onion or garlic, or both. It gives an extra touch of flavor. If you want to do it, simply add a medium-sized chopped onion very small to this recipe.

    Onion you will fry a couple of minutes in the pot with oil just before tossing the crushed tomato.

    The rest of the cooking is the same.

    Fried tomato with pepper

    There are also those who add red pepper, and even green pepper.

    In this case , simply put half pepper, the color you want to the crusher along with the tomato.

    Everything else follows the same steps as the original recipe.

    Uses of fried tomato

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    The fried tomato works perfect as a base to make other more elaborate sauces.


    • Fried tomato sauce + bacon + onion and peppers poached in julienne: delicious sauce for a pasta dish.
    • Grilled prawns with garlic and butter and then top with this tomato sauce.
    • Or simply serve in a small bowl a little of fried tomato and use it to spread toast do.
    • You can use fried tomato sauce to make Cuban-style rice, or even a stewed rice with zucchini.
    • You can also use it to improvise homemade pizzas or bruschettes.
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